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Denis Sefik broke Sapic's right leg!
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Sunday, 24 August 2008
Aleksandar Sapic broke right leg
Sapic with broken leg
Unfortunately  Aleksandar Sapic won't be able to play today with Serbia national team for bronze medal.
 He broke his right leg while stepping down the stairs in Olympic center. He was transferred to Belgrade yesterday for operation. This was public version!!!! But Prowaterpolo.com serves water polo community with true stories and it follows:
 As sources say, Denis Sefik punched Sapic with his fist! Then Sapic fell down the stairs and broke his leg.
 It is miracle how Serbia won this match for 3rd place in our opinion.
What happened? Probably the lost game against USA led to this culmination. Some say that Sapic accused Sefik of selling up the matches...He also said that Sefik is incurable gambling man...Sapic stayed with team mates a bit longer in the locker room. He said he should be listened as he was the most experienced player. And after that he said: Is there anyone stronger than me?!
Denis Sefik thought that fist punch would be the best cure for Sapic. And he hit him....
They start wrestling, Sefik fell on Sapic and broke Sapic's leg. Afterwards Sefik felt pain in his hand and realized that his hand is broken too.. Huuuuuuuuuh, imagine to be hit by someone like Sefik. Oh my god, he's larger than water polo goal...
Though the administration of Prowaterpolo.com was convinced that Serbia will loose the match for 3rd place against Montenegro - it turned out completely different. Serbia did win match for 3rd place!

Without Sapic Serbia won the 3rd place!  So it looks like Serbia is better without Sapic...Some say: Denis cures cancer in Serbian team!
 Sapic while being escorted to airplain just said: Hold on guys, win the bronze-I'll be waiting you at home...